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"...by Joe

Hollywood's early show" [Movie trailers]

"Independents call the toon" ['Igor']

"'From past lane to fast lane" ['Death Race']

"Lucas: Send in the clones" ['Star Wars: Clone Wars']

"Frank Miller's 'Dark Knight' brought Batman back to life"

"A capacitor for love' ['WALL-E']

"With 3D, their roles get depth" ['Journey to the Center of the Earth']

"The 'Hulk's rage in the machine" ['The Incredible Hulk']

"Kung fu gets cuddly ['Kung Fu Panda']

"Hirsch Grabs Fast Lane/Dodging a Bullet" ['Speed Racer']

"Nimble Survivor" ['Nim's Island']

"A Real Who-dunit" ['Horton Hears A Who']

"Web of Fantasy: Spinning 'Spiderwick Chronicles' for the Screen"

"With '[Name of the] King,' Fantasy is Back for a Spell"

"'From Sitcom King to 'Bee Movie' Star"

"Dazed and Confused: 'A Scanner Darkly' draws inspiration from..."

"'Ratatouille:' Chewing Up the Screen"

"Into the Valley of Film Rode '300"

"Toy Story: How 'Transformers' Shifted Shape
from Plaything to Mega-Movie"

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